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At FLIQ, we create genuine visual content that powerfully resonates with your consumer base. We realize that every project requires a different approach and we work closely with our clients to design services that meet their image requirements across all media. With our full in-house solutions, we are compelled to optimize our projects with the latest design trends and cutting-edge technology.


We develop big ideas to perfectly convey your story and drive a deeper engagement to your brand through visual communication

  • Research
  • Competitor & Consumer Analysis
  • Storyline
  • Project Timeline


We delve into all essential requirements to ensure that the creative vision will be actualized through smooth production before a single frame is shot

  • Storyboard
  • Talent
  • Property
  • Location 


We capture and produce state-of-the-art still images to visualize your brand

  • Commercial
  • Corporate
  • Food
  • Industrial
  • Lifestyle
  • Product
  • etc.


We deliver powerful storytelling to your desired audience through the art of the moving image

  • Advertising Video
  • Campaign Video
  • Company Profile Video
  • Documentation Video
  • Events Video
  • Infographics Video
  • Product Knowledge Video
  • Short Film
  • Social Media Teaser Video
  • TVC
  • YouTube Advertising Video
  • Etc.



Our one-stop visual production ensures that the final product fulfills your unique vision & needs

  • Photo Editing
  • Video Editing
a. Offline
b. Online
c. Color Grading
d. Motion Graphics / 3D Animation
e. Sound
  • Deliver Finished Product
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We create outstanding still and moving images that meets the modern marketer’s need to stand out in this era of infinite choice


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