Company SOTIS Hotel
Date Completed Sep 2016
Location Jakarta, Kupang, Bali
Architectural & Interior Photography
SOTIS is inspired by traditional hand-woven fabric from East Nusa Tenggara

Digital Agency: WEBARQ

Inspired from the traditional yet sophisticated hand-woven fabric from the lands of East Nusa Tenggara, SOTIS Hotel was born with a strong spirit to provide the best quality service to all of its guests. SOTIS Hotel was designed for business travelers who are looking for relaxing and entertaining atmosphere.

FLIQ photo team had the good pleasure to capture the elegant architectural and interior design of SOTIS various properties (SOTIS Palatehan, SOTIS Canggu, SOTIS Kupang) and each of its unique ambiance. The final photos were showcased for SOTIS Hotels' newly launched website. 

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