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FLIQ empowers your marketing campaign by delivering successful visual messages through photo and video production

In this constantly evolving digital era that yields infinite supply of information and entertainment, the public attention is evidently obscured. Your message needs to be packaged carefully and effectively in order to grab the attention of modern consumers. What better way to achieve that than through visual imaging? A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

FLIQ is a full-service production company streamlining your marketing strategy with visual excellence targeted to impactfully reach your desired audience and consumer base. We work from strategy building, design and art direction, to delivering polished visuals that help your brand or business speak louder and better across all media platforms.

Our team consists of experienced creative minds, designers, developers, strategists, marketers and passionate field executors and post-production team put together with a mission not only to create stunning visual, but to optimize your campaign and fulfill your business objectives with it.

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Our one-stop visual shop caters to a clientele that spans over a wide range of industries. We work closely with our clients to design services that meet their image requirements across all media.

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Learn how you can boost your brand’s presence and engage with your audience through powerful visual content

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We create outstanding still and moving images that meets the modern marketer’s need to stand out in this era of infinite choice


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